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 Here is Brian Elliot talking a little bit about making the fantastic Elephant for Missing Link And in there is some nice timelapse of me animating the purple wonder

   One of my other great hobbies is to make     big warm animal costumes and then make other   people wear them.    

  In this little GIF I'm changing      Kubo's faces, as I'm doing that I     adjust his eye and lids with an       Xacto blade.

Boxtrolls time lapse 

   This is one of the very first   tests of the Odokuro arm. I'm          animating it grabbing an    unpainted Beetle puppet   

  This is my first   walk test with monkey,       in the beginning we   treated her like a  Japanese macaques but  she soon became heavier and more like a chimpanzee or baboon           

   This is from the Danish TV2 morning program     (GO'Morgen)I'm interviewed by Mikkel Beha Erichsen about Fantastic Mr. Fox. I'm a bit shaky in the beginning but then find my form (:     .

 This is a pitch for a title sequence. I made for a old chef  friend of mine, he wanted to  do a series for tv about chocolate    how is made, recipes from different countries and so on ,     Unfortunately the series was never made, so we only have this little teaser     

 Most time when we are preparing for a shot, we video ourselves  to get a reference for the  animation. When we shot Max and Co  in Switzerland 2006 we did this a lot, so    much  that you actually could cut most of the film  together with our live-action reference.

This little 'making of' film, shows the many hands it takes to make a lamp, and funny enough this lamp ended up in one of the two shots I animated on ParaNorman.  

   Here is some of my very earliest stop motion work. It's most of the tests and assignments I animated during my second stay at The Animation Workshop. This is transferred directly from the PVR-computer  to VHS (it's not edited, 8 min in all, you are a champ if you watch it all ;0) Only a few of the clip are with sound !

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