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Feature Films

Feature films

Kubo and the Two Strings is another masterful animated film from Laika.  I am very proud to have be a part of this stop motion adventure.

At Laika we do some of the most spectacular stop motion the world has ever seen - everything moves! After you get used to that, any other stop motion looks a bit static.

Very happy to have worked on this film, I think it turned out great - sweet, funny and charming. I spent most of my time on the film in the attic bringing Sparky back to life. 

20th Century Fox ©

This is probably the best film I've ever worked on. I'm especially fond of the dialogue, it fills the animated world in a very delightful way.

Max & Co was filmed in Romont, Switzerland with a large European crew - check out my cloak room to see some of the LAVs.

Warner Bros.©

Corpse Bride was the first big feature film I worked on.  It was incredible to get the chance to work on a film with so many famous names attached.  Many of the animators I already knew from my days on The Koala Brothers and it was amazing to see everybody lift their game to create a film that set the new bench mark for stop motion animation.

TV and Short Films

TV and Short films

The Koala Brothers have a big place in my heart. I love the sweet and innocent characters, and I had a really good experience working on the show. I met lots of the talented people that I still work with today.

This little short film is written and directed by a good friend of mine Pete Dodd.  He shared the animation work with myself and  Brian Demoskoff.



This Lego ad was is shot on four's to give it a "stop motion" look. No rig's were used, the ball joints on the characters were strong enough to hold them selves.

These are real Tic Tac's !  We actually moved tiny Tik Tac's around on a green background.

This Tæppeland ad is directed by Sabine Ravn, a good friend. We had 4 days to do three of these little pixelation, it was hard work but really fun.

I fitted this Uniqlo jacket with chicken wire on the inside to make it animatable. It was a fun little two day job - one day to figure out how to do it and one day to shoot. 

CGI - Animation


Den Kæmpestore Bjørn (The Great Bear) This 2011 future film, was an amazing undertaking.  It was animated by only 8 animators in 10 months.  Anybody who know anything about animation knows that is nearly impossible, but we did it. The animation is economical but I don't think it looks too shabby.

I like these little characters - they're fun to work with and I think the film turned out great! If you want to see all of it, it's available here

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